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Social Security Debit Card Usage and Fraud

Do you currently receive social security checks in the mail for your SSI benefits or disability payments? If you are getting checks mailed to you via the USPS, you are in violation of the law. According to a recent law that was passed, you have to receive your federal government benefits electronically, either through having it direct deposited in your bank or credit union checking or savings account – or you can pick the Direct Express Debit Card. The Direct Express card is also called the Social Security Debit Card which is a Mastercard.

It is a MasterCard that allows those who do not currently have a bank account to receive their benefit payments electronically. This is another option provided by the government to make sure that people that do not have traditional banking services can still have a convenient way of getting their monthly entitlement payments.  It is a cost efficient option with very little fees and charges. And since this is used by people on fixed income, the low fee part is very attractive to them. It works like any other prepaid card and allows you to make purchases, buy things online, pay your bills both online and offline, get gas at the pump, rent a car and make hotel reservations among the many uses.

It is also sometimes called the Comerica Bank Social Security MasterCard. It is issued by the United States Department of Treasury, which is in charge of making all federal entitlement benefit payments. However, this particular program is run by the department’s Financial Management Service division, which has contracted Comerica Bank to manage the card program. The bank, under permission from MasterCard International issues the card on behalf of the government and handles all issues. So, if you have a problem with your prepaid, including monthly fees, how to find in-network ATMs, foreign usage charges and fees, how to pay bills online, how to get cash at ATMs or at the cashiers counter, how to get cash advances from a grocery store, supermarket or drug store, you can call their customer service phone number. 

If you desire to complete an application and sign up for an account, you have to enroll online or call  the enrollment center toll free at 1-800-333-1795 (TTY 1 (866) 569-0447), or visit their website online. You will recieve a service that will provide you the peace of mind you need and avoid the frustrations that come with getting paper checks, which can be lost in the mail by the post office or stolen by someone. With electronic payments, you get your money on time and don’t have to incur any check cashing fees or wait for the check to clear. When it’s the due date for your benefits, the money will be put right in your account without any problem.

You also avoid the constant Phishing that comes with paper cards and can be assured that the federal government has picked a partner in Comerica Bank that will service the needs of the senior population with the patience and details oriented attention they deserve.